7 Ways to Get Gum Out of Your Hair (Without Scissors)

As a hairstylist, I have to admit—long ago, I traded in chewing gum for mints while on the clock. I could never risk an accidental spill so close to a client’s precious strands. Thankfully, this helps me avoid a sticky situation. But I also have children now, and I’ve quickly learned that my own hair may always be in danger of such an event.

Getting gum out of the hair without losing length is like getting a stain out of your favorite shirt: We should all know at least one or two DIY remedies that will get the job done. I tapped two fellow hairstylists—Becca Raziuddin and Jennifer Korab—to help me round up the best tried and true methods for gum removal before resorting to scissors.


Becca Raziuddin is a multi-state licensed hairstylist and cosmetologist, celebrity hair consultant, and director of artist education at Blo Blow Dry Bar.

Jennifer Korab is an experienced hairstylist who has worked New York Fashion Week, Miami Fashion Week, and many celebrity photo shoots.


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Byrdie, August 10, 2023

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