11 Best Contour Sticks for a More Sculpted Look

These creamy, blendable formulas help you score a more defined look.

At this point in your life, you’ve probably mastered most of your makeup routine—mascara, blush, lipstick…you know your go-tos and have no trouble applying these products. You may have even perfected more advanced techniques like winged eyeliner. But contouring? That’s a tricky one.

Makeup artists say it’s worth your best effort, though. “Using a contour stick just under the cheekbones will help create the illusion of more defined cheeks,” says Azesha Ramcharan, a professional makeup artist in New York. “Applying contour around the jawline and under the chin will also help strengthen the shape of the jaw and reduce the appearance of a double chin,” she adds. “You can even apply contour along the sides of the nose and just under the tip of the nose to help the nose appear more symmetrical or shorten the appearance of a long nose.”


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Oprah Daily, August 15, 2023
By Brigitt Earley

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