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Prepare to be blown away! Our expertly trained team of stylists will transform your tresses and leave you feeling like the next instagram sensation.


*The prices below may vary by location.

blow out $40/45/49* (USD)

Our signature service. Choose from our 7 signature blow out styles from the classic blow out to runway inspired curls.

blow out with bonded extensions  $55/60/64* (USD)

Let us tame your extra thick mane – we’ve got the best brushes on hand.

blow out with deep conditioning  $55/60/64* (USD)

Want to treat your tresses? We’ve got the perfect solution to nourish your locks.

up do a la carte $65/75/85* (USD)

A choose-your-own style prerogative, bring us a pic or do an interpretive dance. We’ll get it.

hidden assets $55/60/64* (USD)

A blow out plus clip-in extension installation. Bring us your clip-in extensions and we will hook you up.

head massage $10 (USD)

Also known as 10 minutes in heaven.

braid $10 (USD)

Pretty in plaits. Add a braid to any blow out.

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