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ready, set, blo!

Lush white chairs, sleek stainless steel and pops of pink, welcome to the world of Blo! Walk-in or book your blow out online, and our expertly trained Bloers (aka stylists) will transform your tresses right before your eyes.

At Blo, you won’t find cuts or colour—our team here does one thing, and we do it very well.  You can be sure that our bloers will deliver by smoothing and sculpting your tresses into runway ready locks in no time!

Prepare to be blo-wn away at Blo Oakville.

Owned + operated by, Franchise Partner: Jennifer (aka Sweet Tease), a born and raised Oakville girl with a passion for art, cooking and family. Her vice? Chocolate and killer blo outs. Yess’ir. When not fighting the frizzy streets of Oakville, Jennifer is hanging out with her handsome husband and one year old daughter. With perfectly tamed tresses, of course.