Fall 2022 Beauty Trends

Fall Beauty Trends 2022

While summer has officially come to a close – that doesn’t mean you need to turn the heat down on your fall looks. It’s time to spice things up this fall, and we aren’t talking about adding pumpkin flavoring to your latte (but yes, we are very excited that this seasonal drink is FINALLY back at our favorite coffee shops). After working behind the scenes at NYFW, we have rounded up our favorite looks from the week – leaving no model, influencer, or celebrity behind. Straight from the runways and streets of New York to your smartphones, here are our favorite trending looks we think you will fall in love with 😉


Extra-long Ponytail

It’s time to raise the volume and take your ponytail to new lengths with the Glam Seamless Invsi-Ponytail. These extensions instantly elevate any look, bringing all the glam and drama to the table. Whether you are channeling your favorite pop-star or rap queen (yes, we are looking at you Ariana Grande and Megan Thee Stallion), an extra-long ponytail is sure to turn heads and rack up all the likes on Instagram and TikTok.


LOOK: Glam Barbie Updo

Barbie Updo

Dubbed as the “Barbie updo” by celebrity stylist, Chris Appleton – we are simply OBSESSED with this look. Inspired by 90s Pam Anderson, Kim Kardashian has been serving up this look on repeat all over her Instagram- and we’re not mad about it. Appleton revealed that he has been flooded with requests for a tutorial for this chic look, and he finally released a tutorial captioned “Glam Barbie updo in 30 seconds.” Glam AND quick to achieve – I can’t think of a better duo when it comes to recreating a hairstyle. “So twist the hair, put a bobby pin in either side, that locks that in. Then you just want to fan out the hair on top and use hairspray to put it into place,” Chris explains. “Then you want to hit the bang [or fringe]. To get it poppin’ use a two-inch curling iron and curl everything away from the face. Brush it out, and there you have it, the Glam Barbie updo,” he concludes.


LOOK: Headbands


Just go ahead and add all the headbands to your online shopping cart. Seriously, head over to the Kitsch site and stock up before they are gone, because headbands are in this Fall. We’re seeing a resurgence of headbands all over the runway and streets of New York this year, and we just know that Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf, the OG queen of the Upper East Side, would approve.


LOOK: Sleek Tight Bun

Sleek Bun

It’s official- slicked-back, sleek hairstyles are not going anywhere this fall. While the “off-duty model” bun is nothing new, we are loving the simplicity and regalness of this style. Not only does a slicked back bun show off your beautiful facial features, but it’s so easy to replicate. Just “saturate the roots with hairspray, snatch those cheekbones nice and tight” and pop the rest of the hair into a tight ponytail, wrapping the hair around the base before securing it with an elastic, says celebrity stylist, Chris Appleton. 


LOOK: Siren Eyes

Siren Eyes

For our blo babes who love a seductive and sultry look,  allow us to introduce you to siren eyes. A more dramatic version of a winged liner smokey eye, the siren eyes are “darker around the rims and flicked upwards at the outer corners for a more narrow, cat-eye shape,” says makeup artist Lilly Keys. This take on the smokey eye elongates and lifts your eye shape- giving a feline and fox-like look- think Kendall Jenner and Megan Fox.


LOOK: Silver Inner Corners

Silver Inner Corners

Who says you need to wait until the Holiday season to add a little glitter and shine to your look? A pop of silver in the inner corners instantly elevates any makeup look- and did we mention that it makes your eyes look bigger and more awake? That’s right – time to swap the afternoon coffee for a little touch of sparkle for that mid-day pick-me-up.


LOOK: Red Lip

Red Lip

Fall 2022 is all about the bold and dramatic makeup looks – so how could we leave out the staple red lip? This timeless look has been spotted all over the runway in glossy, matte, and satin versions. For a more modern version of the red lip, try pairing it with a more neutral and toned-down eye makeup look.


Find your next ‘do? Have something completely new in mind? Book your Fall blow outs and makeup application now, Babe! We have blow dryers at the ready, along with tons of treatment add-ons to keep hair extra healthy during those more strenuous months on strands. 

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