Make Your Blo Blowout Last Longer!

Ahh, the heavenly feeling of walking out of a Blo with a fresh blowout. Well, now you can keep those locks looking lovely longer, with a Savvy Sleepers pillowcase!

Savvy Sleepers pillow cases are made from 100% pure satin. The smooth surface not only helps protect your blowout, it also prevents hair breakage and split ends–all while you get your beauty rest.

Retailing for $36, Savvy Sleepers and come in three colors: Napuccino, Black Truffle and White Russian. Get your very own Savvy Sleeper at Blo W Hollywood, Blo Fifth St., Blo The Woodlands, Blo/Body Tampa, Blo Brickell, Blo Charlotte, Blo Shreveport, Blo/Body Gaithersburg and Blo Chelsea.