we’ve got blo… in different area codes

Answering the call of the hair-impaired and those addicted to killer-coifs, we’re continuing our global expansion!

We are tickled pink to announce that women in need of top-notch tresses before work (open as early as 7am), for the power lunch, first date, red carpet event or just because, can get affordable, catwalk-quality hair, 7 days a week, at the following locations:


• Manhattan, New York (x2)                                                  • New Orleans, Louisiana

• Long Island, New York                                                       • Shreveport, Louisiana

• Los Angeles, California (x4)                                                • Charlotte, North Carolina

• San Francisco, California                                                    • West Hartford, Connecticut

• Carlsbad, California                                                            • Toronto, Canada (x9)

• Austin, Texas (x2)                                                             • Vancouver, Canada (x4)

• Boston, Massachusetts                                                      • Calgary, Canada

• Miami, Florida (x2)                                                              • Manila, Asia (x3)

• Houston, Texas                                                                 • Moscow, Russia


…And, we are opening soon in these cities!


• Blo Dupont (Washington, DC) – March 22                           • Blo San Diego (San Diego, California)

• Blo Seaport (Boston, Massachusetts) – March 27                • Blo Orlando (Orlando, Florida)

• Blo Chelsea (Manhattan, New York) – April                          • Blo Tampa (Tampa, Florida)

• Blo Gaithursburg (Gaithersburg, Maryland)                         • Blo London (London, UK)

• Blo Des Moines (Des Moines, Iowa)

Walk-ins accepted or reservations are available on the Blo App or here for the time-pressed.


Want to bring Blo to your city? Franchise opportunities are available worldwide.