Trick or Treat: Blo’s Halloween Style Guide

What are you going to be this Halloween? Here are Blo’s top costume (and hair!) picks, courtesy of Blo South End (Boston).

5) Witches Theodora, Glinda and Evanora from The Great and Powerful Oz
Whimsical curls and sparkly accessories
4) Effie from The Hunger Games
Wild wigs with oversize barrettes.
3) Cersei from the Game of Thrones 
Ethereal twists, plaits and braids
2) Daisy from The Great Gatsby
Faux bobs and finger waves

1) Bride of Frankensteinn
Boost your poof with Hidden Assets (translation: clip-in extensions)
Don’t wig out, we are offering $21 ($25 in NYC!) wig styling this Halloween! This is not a trick.
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