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Pride 2019 Roundup

Happy Pride Blo fam! We’re entering June (aka Pride Month) feeling light, bright and ready to celebrate love in all its forms. This year, we want to round-up some of our favourite LGBTQ+ artists, creators and beauty lovers to follow. Show them some support on the ‘gram and share any of your own favorites we may have missed!


Chella Man is a deaf, trans, genderqueer artist residing in New York City. His unique intersections of identity give him a very singular perspective on life that his vast (and growing!) audience has connected with. Along with his partner Mary, he has become a rising star in the NYC art scene, and has just released an apparel capsule collection with Opening Ceremony. We love following his journey navigating young adulthood and relationships on his feed.


Ericka Hart is a sex educator, writer and breast cancer survivor living in Brooklyn. She has been in the sex education field for over 10 years, catalyzed by her service as a Peace Corps HIV/AIDs volunteer in Ethiopia. Her feed is inspirational, relatable and beautiful. We love reading her motivational and touching captions (not to mention some great fashion + beauty inspo!).


Alok is a gender-nonconforming writer + performer advocating for the trans community by challenging the gender binary. Their work has been internationally recognized and celebrated in political realms as well as in the design, beauty and fashion industries. Their feed is #fashiongoals, with endless inspo to keep you from wearing jeans and a tshirt (again).


Miz Cracker is a true ray of sunshine! She has been beloved since her appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race in season 5 and has taken her show on tour for the masses. She also writes, appears on web + television series and just generally has a lot of fun on the Internet. If you haven’t seen her cooking on Bon Appetit’s Youtube Channel, click here to smile for 10 minutes straight.


Percy Katt is a Pride ambassador, visionary, model and graphic designer at our very own Blo head office! After working with top fashion houses in New York City throughout his late teens and twenties, Percy came back to Canada to pursue his creativity and self expression as a performance artist. His work explores sexuality, materialism, identity politics, and self-promotion through bold colours, costume and makeup. Follow him for amazing photography inspo!