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blo hearts adelaine morin

When girls support girls, great things can happen. We see it everyday, at every single one of our Blo locations. It’s a rallying call that’s very near to our hot pink hearts!

So when we heard that Adelaine Morin was doing a photoshoot in Toronto in honor of her Girls Supporting Girls cause, we just had to jump in and help a girl out! If you haven’t had a chance, check out her shop, because with a portion of every sale going directly to a girl’s non-profit organization – it’s a win win!

Photographer: Hung Le

We’re loving these super cute snaps from a recent photoshoot Adelaine did for her Girls Supporting Girls Campaign! Plus, stay tuned for some new pictures from her photoshoot happening today! (AHEM  with some flawless blow outs & makeup from Blo!)

Word of Wisdom from Adelaine

To me, learning to love yourself and having confidence within you is one of the hardest concepts. Girls Supporting Girls has been the most welcoming and satisfying campaign I have ever involved myself in. Each and every girl I met during this shoot showed me how important it is to love and continuously support one another despite our physical “flaws”. Every girl has their own special and unique story and I’m so thankful to have come across each of them.

Photographer: Hung Le

Growing up in high school, I would be made fun of for my YouTube channel from other girls, be physically shoved in the hallways by other girls and have rumours constantly spread about me by other girls. It came to a point where I’d be scared of groups of teenage girls when I was younger (Which was not good for me because that was my audience on YouTube). I’m over that fear now, but I just wish more girls knew the impact they have on other girls with their words and the way they treat each other.


Photographer: Hung Le

I now know that hurt people hurt people and it had nothing to do with me, but I hope with my apparel, it gets rid of the stigma that girls need to compete or be catty towards each other to succeed in life. I want to create the stigma that Girls Supporting Girls is cool! Women will rise if we lift each other up. If you see any form of bullying or putting others down, stand up and say something! It can mean more to a person than you could ever know.

Photographer: Hung Le

I have this weird thankfulness for the girls that bullied me, because without my awful years in high school, I wouldn’t be so passionate about the Girls supporting Girls message as I am today. I know it sounds very weird, but they just made me stronger and more passionate in the end.


Thanks Adelaine for letting us crash your shoot (and of course, we LOVED styling your blow outs and doing makeup!). Stay tuned for some more updates!