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11 Questions with Ramzie, Chief Style Boss, Blo Vancouver

Name: Ramzie

Title: Chief Style Boss for Blo Vancouver and Regional Product Educator for BC

Blo Location: Blo Vancouver: Blo Four Seasons Vancouver, Blo South Granville & Blo Yaletown

Instagram Handle: @ramziem

Started working at Blo: June 2007

“I’ve had the privilege of having Ramzie by my side since the day I took over the 3 Vancouver bars back in 2010. She quietly goes about her day, adding value every single day she has been here. For someone to be so passionate about their craft, our clients, this company and their team for all these years is exceptionally rare. Talk about role model! Not a day has gone by where she hasn’t put Blo first. We all love her and can’t imagine Blo life without her! Thank you Ramzie for choosing us to be your extended family.” – Jenny Randhawa, Blo Vancouver, Multi-Unit Franchise Partner

 1. Favorite Blo Signature Style is:
Classic red carpet! It’s bouncy and fun!


2. Best part of working at Blo:
The Blo fam jam! I love them all!


3. What I love most about working in the beauty industry?
It’s constantly changing and evolving. I love following trends and staying in the loop with latest fashions


4. The best professional lesson I’ve learned so far?
No matter where you are, when you are in bar you are in a small town. Stay away from scandalous conversation. You never know who else is in the bar with you.


5. The most important thing I’ve learned about working with clients?
Really listen to what they are saying. What they want and the words they communicate don’t always line up. Make sure you ask as many questions as possible and have them explain in different ways to ensure they leave with exactly what they are looking for.


6. My hair icon is:
Bridget Bordeaux – What a classic!


7. I get my passion for the hair industry from:
Barbie – obviously!!


8. My favourite hair trend right now is:
The crimpy mermaid wave – who doesn’t love a good mermaid look.


9. Its a good hair day:
When I wake up on the second day (after not doing my own hair) and it still looks ah-mazing – Love day 2 hair!!


10. Which product can’t you live with out:
Well, obviously UNITE’s 7seconds refresher – keeps day 2 hair on point!


11. If you could gift a Blo to someone who would this be?
Jason Memoa – mainly so I could do his hair because oh my gosh!!!