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Stylist Savannah Fincher performing a blow out at Blo Austin Fifth Street

10 Questions with Savannah Fincher, Corporate Style Director, Blo Fifth Street, Austin

Name: Savannah Fincher

Title: Corporate Style Director

Blo Location: Blo Fifth Street

Instagram Handle: @paisleyfinch

Started working at Blo: September 2012

 “I brought Savannah on in 2012 and from day one she has proven herself to be a strong worker who is committed to the brand. I know I can always rely on her and I’m never worried when she’s managing in bar. She’s very responsible, reliable and an overall amazing person. She excels under pressure and is great at what she does (fab-in-a-flash blow outs!), but I’d say her greatest strength is realizing that everyone learns differently and can easily adapt to that. She’s an asset not only to our location, but also to our training program. I’m thrilled about her new role as Corporate Style Director and I look forward to her continued success and growth with the company.” – Athena Boyd, Blo Fifth St. Franchise Partner

My favorite Blo signature style is…

I love Holly Would because it makes everyone feel glamorous.

The best part of working at Blo Blow Dry Bar is…

Making people feel fabulous in such a short amount of time is incredible.

The most important thing I’ve learned about working with clients is…

Making sure that you’re always on the same page as them, keeping really open and thorough lines of communication.

My guilty pleasure is…

Spanish soap operas.

My hidden talent is…

I have two: In the 2005 Junior Olympic Games, I won a gold medal in Olympic Sparring in Tae Kwon Do. I’ve also played the harp since I was six-years-old.

Three words to describe myself would be…

Loud. Giggly. Champagne.

I am inspired by…

My co-workers.

The best professional lesson I’ve learned so far is…

No matter what’s happening, always smile.

Which product can’t you live without at your station/in your tool belt?

I would do an ugly girl cry without UNITE Blow&Set lotion!

My hair icon is…

Edie Sedgwick and Brigitte Bardot. I love anything that’s big, sexy hair – I’m from Texas!

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