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5 reasons why our blo tab sale is your #1 summer must-have!

The perfect tote, a fresh pedi, and heart-shaped sunnies (in hot pink, obviously). These are just a few of our favorite summer accessories. But luscious locks will always be our number one.

From Monday, July 18 to Sunday, July 24 we’re bringing back the HOTTEST sale of the year at Blo!

Here’s our top 5 reasons why the blo tab sale should top your ‘summer must-haves’ list:

  1. You get 8 blo outs for the price of 6! Why hesitate? It’s a no brainer, really.    
  2. Tabs NEVER expire! Making it the perfect gift for the busy Blo Babe.  
  3. You can use your tab at any Blo in the country of purchase! Road trippin’ this summer? We’ll help maintain your mane between destinations. 
  4. You can purchase up to 5 tabs – that’s 10 free blo outs! Because looking fabu-tress never hurt anybody.
  5. ‘cause you can’t blo yourself. That’s our job. Blo hearts you!

Here’s the blo down on the blo tab sale pricing:

United States* $240 ($30 per blo out)
*New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boson $270 ($33.75 per blo out)
Canada $228 ($28.50 per blo out)
Philippines Php3000 (Php375 per blo out)


Call or visit your local Blo to take advantage of this limited time offer!

We can’t wait to blo you away.

xo, Blo