Announcing the Blo Beauty Blo-gger of the Year Awards!

If you follow Blo Blow Dry Bar on Instagram (@bloheartsyou), you know that #bloheartsyou is how we pay homage to the bloggers and blo babes (like you!) whose style and beauty inspire us every day.

As our girl crushes grow, we become more impressed by your passion for hair and beauty, the time you invest in your blogs, and the trailblazing impact you have on the industry. So we thought it’s time we took these fangirl obsessions of ours to the next level!

We’re asking you to help us give out two awards:

*Beauty Blo-gger of the Year: a blo babe with more than 50,000 followers on Instagram who we’re affectionately calling “SHE.”
*Up-and-Coming Beauty Blo-gger of the Year: a blo babe with less than 50,000 followers on Instagram who deserves to shine in the blo pink limelight.

Nominations are open until August 31. Starting September 9th you will get the chance to vote for your faves to narrow the nominees to a final five. After that we’ll bring in our beauty-expert judges who will be voting along with you (our 6th judge) to make the final decision.

meet the judges:


what are the prizes?

SHE will receive an award (custom-made in her honor), and be the face of our Holiday Style Menu, which will launch across all Blo locations in November. SHE will also have the opportunity to speak exclusively to our community of hair enthusiasts when she takes over our @bloheartsyou Instagram account for a day! Finally, SHE will be sent a UNITE gift pack, and a blo tab, because – as we all know – you can’t blo yourself.

The Up-and-Coming Beauty Blo-gger will also receive an award, a UNITE gift pack and a blo tab.

what’s SHE like?

When we picture SHE, there are five key characteristics that really stand out. (Keep these in mind when you’re nominating your favorite bloggers!)

  • SHE is a leaderYou not only follow her every move on her blog and Instagram, but SHE also motivates you with her vision, and it would not be a stretch to call her one of your role models.
  • SHE is ambitiousFull of hustle and heart, SHE proves that when you are passionate about what you do, the possibilities are endless.
  • SHE is inspiringSHE not only inspires you to dream, but also inspires you to DO.
  • SHE is a tastemakerMore than a trendsetter – SHE has undeniable taste. With her unique eye and original photography, SHE has style influence over a community of hair and beauty enthusiasts.
  • SHE has a pink attitudeAt Blo, pink isn’t just a color: it’s an attitude. SHE is friendly, humble, and loves all things #BloPink.

Does SHE sound familiar? If so, place your nominations below and help us in #thesearchforshe!

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*if you experience any issues with the form, please feel free to email us directly at


1) What are the key dates for the Awards?

Nominations are open from August 19-31;
Voting will be open from September 9-30;
The Winner (Blo Beauty Blo-gger of the Year) and Runner-Up (Up-and-Coming Beauty Blo-gger of the Year) will be announced October 7.

2) Can I nominate a blogger more than once?
Absolutely! You can nominate a blogger for the Blo Beauty Blo-gger of the Year, or the Up-And-Coming Beauty Blo-gger of the Year as many times as your heart desires.

3) Can I nominate myself?
We love your hustle. (That’s a definite yes!)

4) Where can I get a badge to host on my blog to encourage my followers to nominate me?
Email us at and we’ll email one to you ASAP!

5) Is there a specific hashtag I should use?

4) What is the criteria the Judges will be basing their decision on?
See the Terms & Conditions below!

5) What are the Terms & Conditions to the Awards?
Click here to read the official rules for the Blo Beauty Blo-gger Awards.