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the summer blo tab sale is here!

We know you’re always on the go, that’s why the blo tab is a must-have for a blo babe with a busy social calendar. With our bi-annual tab sale about to begin, you can get 8 blo outs for the price of 6 – that’s 2 free blo outs on the house!

Here’s the blo down on the summer blo tab sale:

  • The sale runs from Monday, July 20th to Sunday, July 26th
  • You can use your tab at ANY location (We’ve got Blo in different area codes)
  • Your tab does not expire (We know you’re busy running in heels)
  • You can gift the blo tab to a friend (Treat a bestie who never treats herself)
  • Did we mention you get 2 free blo outs?! (Who doesn’t love freebies?)

    *Limit of 5 blo tabs per Guest.

blo tab pricing varies by market:

United States (with the exception of NY/SF) $240 or $30 per blo out
In New York or San Francisco? $270 or $33.75 per blo out
Canada $228 or $28.50 per blo out
United Kingdom £168 or £21 per blo out
Philippines Php3000 or Php375 per blo out

Not sure how to get the blo tab? Visit your local Blo Blow Dry Bar – if you’re not sure where that is, click here to find the location closest to you.

Blo hearts you!

xo, Blo