Blo hearts miami swim week!

Swim Week 2016 showcased the biggest names in swimwear from July 15-21, 2015. Blo Blow Dry Bar was on set in Miami primping blo babes for the runway!

Over the weekend of July 17-19, Blo Blow Dry Bar was proud to participate in Miami Swim Week. Blo Brickell was there behind-the-scenes creating three Blo-On-The-Go catwalk styles. We spoke to Blo Corporate Style Director, Chanel Peraza-Munoz (@meancurl) about the blo inspo behind each of these unique runway looks!

Friday, July 17, 2015
San Lorenzo Bikinis

“We did three different styles for this particular show: A loose topknot; a deconstructed French braid down the back; and finally, a fishtail braid along the side. Each look was accessorized with florals to create a very textured, effortless, beachy style.”

To get the look: Blo Brickell used a combination of UNITE’s Beach Day, Expanda Dust and Texturiza Spray

“We did the makeup for this show as well. Keeping with the Balinese theme, we finished the look with a lot of eyeliner and a natural, dewy face. Our lead stylist on makeup was Roshi.”


Photo posted by San Lorenzo Bikinis (@sanlorenzo_bikinis)


Photo posted by San Lorenzo Bikinis (@sanlorenzo_bikinis)

Saturday, July 18, 2015 Frankies Bikinis

“The aesthetic for this show was very beachy. We wanted to show a look that was youthful and really fun. Every girl had the same style: A half topknot with a lot of salt spray and natural texture. We incorporated a few randomly placed braids on each girl to complete the ‘undone’ look.”

To get the look: Blo Brickell used a combination of UNITE’s Beach Day, Expanda Dust and Texturiza Spray

This look was such a hit that UNITE Eurotherapy called it “THE hair look of the summer!”



Photo posted by UNITE (@unite_hair)


Photo posted by Blo Brickell (@hairf0rce0ne)

Another highlight of this show? The bloers of Blo Brickell got to meet and work with celebrity makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic (@makeupbymario)!

“Working alongside such a famous and renowned artist made us feel really excited and proud to be involved in the event!”


Photo posted by Dailyn Perez via Blo Brickell (@dai_rez)

Sunday, July 19, 2015
Lila Nikole Swimwear

“It was very important [to the team at Lila Nikole] to have an exaggerated, long and flowing ponytail to go with their sporty aesthetic. We incorporated hair extensions and wrapped the ponytail after gelling the hair for a sleek, futuristic look.”


Photo posted by UNITE (@unite_hair)


Photo posted by Alessandra Gold Concept Store (@agcsmiami)

To get the look: Blo Brickell used a combination of UNITE’s Expanda Volume Root Energizer and Session Max Spray, Tricky Lite, Glossing Spray [Blo Brickell are the first to use UNITE’s new glossing spray – it hasn’t even been released yet!]

To add to the excitement, Blo Coral Gables was backstage providing the makeup services for this show! The lead makeup artist was Leilany (@la_vie_en_lavender) who created a look Chanel praised as, “a neutral smoky eye and a very bold lip.”


Photo posted by Leilany via Blo Coral Gables (@la_vie_en_lavender)


A special thank you to UNITE Eurotherapy for providing the products for all three shows! Chanel said, “we were able to use UNITE products exclusively to easily transition from effortlessly beachy to glossy, futuristic looks. Their wide-range of products helped make our job easier!” 

THAT’S A WRAP! Congratulations to the teams at Blo Brickell and Blo Coral Gables on blo-ing Miami away with your talent and flawless styles!

xo, Blo


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