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50 shades of pink

Curls were up and frizz was down when The Real Housewives (and gents!) of Oakville met Blo Oakville’s new Franchise Partner, Maureen Canning (aka Ms. Hair Way To Heaven).

Love to all the mane characters who made this the hottest party on the blo-ck: Dino Dilio,Rogers, Mike Sheppard, StarbucksCobbs Bakery, Circus Chocolate, Beachy KeenVenue 266 and Flower Deco.

(H)air kisses to our trend setting prize winners:

1st – Lynne Tomlinson

2nd – Peggy Ferris

3rd – Carolyn Bell

4th – Emily Cheese

5th – Suzanne Didiano

You just got blo’d.

xo, blo