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an exclusive pwg photo shoot featuring nicole arbour

What happens when you put the world’s sexiest comedian in a world full of Blo? A lot of LOLs, glitz and glam.

Blo partnered with celebrity comedian Nicole Arbour and renowned photog Jaylyn Todd for BloÂ’s first ever PWG photo shoot.

Blo Bayview Village was transformed into a pink world full of bubbles, balloons, diamonds and frilly tutus.

PWG Photo Shoot By Numbers:

1 photographer

2 stylists

2 packs of hubba bubba

4 gorge security guards

150 pink and white balloons

a never ending loop of girly anthems

and too many bubbles to count!

Nicole posed for hotshot Toronto photographer Jaylyn Todd wearing Blo’s infamous pink wig and tutu. Look for the pics at select Blo locations across North America.

Hugs go out to the Pink Wig Girl Style Team and Blo Bayview Village: hair by Blo Bayview Village, Blo style assistant Van Anh Nguyen, makeup by Christina Rufino Makeup Artistry and wardrobe by Youlanda Jackson, photo assistant Kailey McKellar, BTS video by David Fyfe (edited by Jaylyn Todd).

And of course, big kisses to Blo’s exclusive Pink Wig Girl, Nicole Arbour. You blo girl!

Check out the full album here.

xo, blo