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10 Questions with Joya Smith, Corporate Style Director, San Diego Gaslamp

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Name: Joya Smith

Title: Corporate Style Director

Blo Location: Blo San Diego Gaslamp

Instagram Handle: @joyahairdesign

Started working at Blo: March 2015

 “Joya is a lifesaver! She has been such a pleasure to have as a CSB [and now CSD] and friend. She has a great work ethic: she’s always the first to volunteer, always the first to help and all in all makes the bar run smoothly. I love coming to work because I enjoy everyone we have on staff, she is no exception.” – Laura Willey, Blo San Diego Gaslamp Franchise Partner

My favorite Blo signature style is…

Pillow Talk: It’s how I wear my hair!

The one beauty accessory you will never find me without is…

Fake eyelashes. I can go without makeup but as long as I have my eyelashes, I’m good!

The best part of working at Blo Blow Dry Bar is…

Being able to educate my fellow stylists and push them to be better stylists as well.

The best professional lesson I’ve learned so far is…

It’s important to have a good reputation in your industry. By that I mean staying positive, going out of your way to help your fellow employees and always making sure your clients stay happy.

My guilty pleasure is…

I have a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and in my free time I like to work on it. I’d ride it to work everyday, but it’s not the best thing for my hair and makeup!

I get my passion for hair/beauty from…

It’s funny because I was such a big tomboy growing up but the only reason I wanted to play with Barbie was to do her hair. It’s just something that’s always been rooted in me.

My hidden talent is…

I’ve been a show-jumping horse trainer for 15 years. I don’t train anymore but I still have my own horse that I ride.

I am excellent at…

Creating a style for people that makes them feel beautiful and happy.

Secrets don’t make friends. Tell us something not many people know about you…

I am pretty obsessed with my dog and have his name tattooed on me.

Which product can’t you live without at your station/in your tool belt?

UNITE Blow&Set Lotion! It’s my favorite product and I use it on everyone. It gives the hair such a nice shine and hold.

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